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Characteristics of a food grade Polycarbonate product

For food applications: Food grade Polycarbonate is a polymer that is similar to glass, but with a high resistance to impacts. It is frequently used in food consumption products such as glassware and dishes, which makes these products safer, since they are unbreakable. We can then define food grade Polycarbonate as a polymer with:

  • High resistance to impact.
  • Resistance to high temperatures (up to 130°C when they are sterilized).
  • High dimensional stability (when submitted to high temperatures).
  • Good optical properties, high gloss.
  • Excellent resistance to hydrolysis (can be washed from 2,000 to 3,000 times)

The food grade Polycarbonate used in the manufacture of our tableware complies with food industry legislation’s, and this raw material is considered non-toxic and odourless (chemical resistance). Drinkware and tableware can be used in microwaves, and are resistant to high and low temperatures (from -40 to +130°C)

One of the advantages using this type of product is that it can be recycled, and therefore it protects the environment.

Medical: With its unique mechanical properties and high thermal resistance, polycarbonate is ideal for medical applications, where equipment and reusable devices are submitted to strict sanitary standards.Equipment and devices may be sterilized between 20 (gamma sterilization) and 100 times (vapor sterilization) before recycling or thermal recovery. techno2
Unbreakable glassware: Food grade Polycarbonate glasses are unbreakable. It is often used for important events to prevent injuries and significantly reduce material losses and waste. Items such as bottles and medical equipment made of polycarbonate may be used many times before being recycled or submitted for energy recovery. Security equipment: Due to its high resistance to impacts, polycarbonate provides higher security and comfort in applications where performance and reliability are essential. Polycarbonate is also resistant to fire. Polycarbonate durability: Polycarbonate is a high performance plastic that contributes to the eco efficient manufacturing and sustainable use of many valuable products such as medical devices.Our modern lifestyle would not be possible without plastics. Polycarbonate plays an important role in the environmental, social and sustainable economic development. techno3
Lighting: Polycarbonate excellent properties are also used to improve the efficiency of backlights of flat TVs, thereby saving energy and reducing the emissions of CO2.techno5Photovoltaic: Polycarbonate replaces glass in thin film applications as well as flexible photovoltaic cells, reducing production and maintenance costs, and allowing greater freedom of design. It promotes the growth of this innovative and important market. techno4
Construction: Polycarbonate is a highly durable plastic suitable for long life cycle, necessary in the construction and automotive industries. Transparent polycarbonate lets the light in and preserves better the heat thus permitting energy savings that can reach to25%. Eco-efficiency: (efficient use of resources) Improved performance Technological : Improvements related to the CD have drastically increased the storage capacity of the generation of HD DVD and Blu-Ray, by a factor of 35-40, allowing an additional eco-efficiency.Reusable: Products made of polycarbonate have a long life cycle. Food grade Polycarbonate is lighter and stronger than regular glass.This allows greater energy savings and reduces CO2 emissions, as well as a reduction in product loss due to breakage during the distribution and use. cd
The food grade Polycarbonate is an amorphous polymer integrated into thermoplastics technics. This raw material is easily pliable and has a high durability