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Food grade Polycarbonate glasses – The unbreakable solution

Food grade Polycarbonate Glasses RBDRINKS®

A premium and heavy weight glass, that looks and feels like a traditional glass.

Unbreakable . Reusable . Heavy weight . Premium quality

Our glasses combine design, function and resistance (ISO179/2C). Our products enable an intensive use and have a longer life span than traditional glasses, which increases your company profit and also improves the quality of your service. It´s a strong plastic glass resistant up to 3.5 tonnes without breaking.

All our plastic glasses are made of food grade polycarbonate. They meet all food regulations, health and safety CE European Standards nº 10/2011 and FDA21CFR177.1580.

RBDRINKS® Clear glassware range: Pint glasses, beer glasses, wine glasses, tumbler glasses, champagne glasses, granity glass, whisky glasses, cocktail glassware.

Use your unbreakable glass as a promotional channel. Look at your glass as a very effective advertising vehicle. They are recognised by oenologists and respects the liquid property.

Our coloured glassware range: unbreakable wine glasses, white glassware, champagne glass, granity hiball glasses.

Discover our Black & White range. It’s ideal to your events and they can be customised. Our glasses are a great marketing tool to promote your brand with our customisation service.

Our guarantees and certifications

We are a guaranteed brand and our products fulfil a maximum security to all users. We follow hygiene, security, health and environmental standards according to the European Community and USA legislation.

DA21CFR177.1580 – (CE) N° 1935/2004 – (UE) n° 10/2011 form the 14th January 2011 – regarding materials and items made of plastics intended to come into contact with food products.
USA FDA21CFR177.1580The number “7″ is based on the combination of materials used (polycarbonate).

Our Unbreakable glassware properties:

  • Unbreakable & reusable stylish polycarbonate glasses
  • Economic: reduce your glass breakage expenses. Use our unbreakable and reusable glassware. It last longer than traditional equivalent and will reduce your replacement costs by 90%.
  • Premium quality: A heavy weight glass, that looks and feels like a traditional glass.
  • Dishwasher proof: Will remain clear as crystal up to 3000 washes.
  • Insulation properties: keep the drink temperature longer than regular glass.
  • Customisable: Promote your brand.
  • Easy to use adapted to industrial dishwashers, microwaves, and freezers.
  • Neutral: respects the liquid without modifying its taste or smell
  • Security: with unbreakable glasses, there is no possibility of getting hurt.