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Unbreakable and reusable Glassware & Tableware customisation on demand service

Customisation on demande



    Serigraphy (silk-screen printing)

  • 1/2 colours
    Minimum purchase order quantity 500 un/ref

    Digital Printing :

  • CMYK
    Minimum purchase order quantity 20,000 un/ref

    Laser Engraving:

  • Engraving
    Minimum purchase order quantity 20,000 un/ref
Some examples of custom made products :
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Customisation on demande

Our Customisation on Demand Service is a excellent way to promote your brand. Customise our glassware, tableware or accessories with your company logo and your tableware will become your best promotional tool. Improve your brand awareness, capitalise your investment!

With our customisation service, you can print in all of our products: Glassware, tableware and accessories.

We propose 3 kinds of printing techniques to fulfil your needs:

Sérigraphie, Digital et Laser

personalisation Digital Printing (CMYK transferring)

Ideal for the most complex visuals, digital printing allows printing images comprising a multitude of colors or pictures in great detail (including the nuances and gradations). Furthermore, this technique allows to print on the entire surface of the glass when possible.

Minimum order to use this printing technique is 20,000 units per reference.

personalisationsilkscreen printing

The technique is used both for making fine art prints and for commercial applications, such as printing your company's logo on coffee mugs or beer glasses.

This technique is ideal for logos comprising 1 to 4 colors. It is used for images, logos or writings. This is the most commonly used technique.

To further enhance your promotions or your need for differentiation, silkscreen printing is the most affordable and fast. It can be used on all our glassware, tableware and accessories.

The minimum purchase order is 500 units per reference for 1 or 2 colours printing and more. To our accessories, the minimum order quantity is lower.

personalisationLaser Engraving:

Laser Engraving is a proven printing technique. The addition of sets, drawings and barcodes makes this unavoidable versatile technique. This marking technique allows the production of deep impressions.

The laser beam, focused, high- power, causes the melting and evaporation of the material to be treated, showing a "trough", engraving surface. Minimum Quantity of 20,000 units per reference.

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